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At Deborah Tseng Jewellery we hold ourselves to the highest standards of sustainable and ethical production.  This is part of our everyday lives and is part of the way we do business.  Every decision we make is with sustainability in mind and we are pushing to ensure that every element of our products gives us and our clients peace of mind.


Every piece is handmade in our East London studio and any external processes required are sourced locally to ensure low transport costs and to ensure all workers' rights are protected.


We are moving all of our metal sourcing to recycled metals by 2022 to reduce environmental footprint.


We have sourced recycled and recyclable cardboard packaging materials and are working on ensuring all other elements of our packaging and display work are also fully recyclable or reusable.


We offer a jewellery repair and replacement service to ensure our clients can keep Deborah Tseng Jewellery for a lifetime.


Our precious stones are responsibly sourced from local vendors.  We actively seek ethical gemstones of non-usual varieties, focusing on domestic sources whenever possible to ensure UK labour and environmental regulations are met.

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