Deborah Tseng Jewellery was established in London by artist Shih-dea Tseng, with many years experience of jewellery making and fine art training, she has been featured in Art Magazine and Art Collection + Design magazine in Taiwan and has been selected by Talente Munich. Her works are inspired by repetition, by transformation, by time and the minutiae that surround her. For her, jewellery is a wearable art piece that captures personal significance.  

She creates jewellery in between craft and art. By combining porcelain with metal, she associates with traditional metal artisanship to introduce the novelty of seeing a porcelain piece as jewellery. Her work is carefully made by hand, therefore every piece is unique. The making of her jewellery is curated through a sequence of material processing and intricate handcraft techniques.  The work shows the temperature from the materials and the maker’s hands.

The colour WHITE tells the manifesto of her jewellery, it is the feeling of purity, peacefulness and simple happiness; the neutrality of the colour also leaves space for the wearer’s imagination and a time of meditation.  

To learn more about Deborah Tseng's practice, please visit here.


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