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Deborah Tseng Studio, handmade silver jewellery, handmade ceramic jewellery, porcelain jewellery

Deborah Tseng Jewellery was established in London by artist Deborah Tseng as the culmination of many years experience in jewellery making and fine art training. Her works are inspired by repetition, by transformation, by time and the minutiae that surround her.   For her, jewellery is a wearable art piece that captures personal significance. 

She creates jewellery in between craft and art.  Combining precious metals, gemstones and porcelain using traditional artisanship in metalsmithing and ceramics. She works with colour in monotone to create an atmosphere that is simple to approach but subtle, allowing interpretation and imagination.  Every piece she creates is unique and within the work can be seen the temperature of the makers hands.

Laden with symbolism surrounding nature, decay and the passage of time, Deborah Tseng Jewellery pieces leave space for contemplation and meditation, they bring joy and beauty to the wearer and a deeper connection in contemplation and calm meditation.

Deborah Tseng jewellery’s manifesto is an obsession with detail, every element of the work is subject to an artist's eye and every part of the process is carried out with permanence and sustainability at its core.

In a colourful world this quiet, poetic jewellery is a pure land for peace of mind.

Deborah Tseng also creates sculptural ceramic art under her Taiwanese name Shih-dea Tseng, to learn more about her artist's practice please click here.

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