“The colour white tells the manifesto of my jewellery, it is the feeling of purity, peacefulness and simple happiness; the neutrality of the colour also leaves space for the wearer’s imagination and a time of meditation.” 

- Deborah Tseng

“When you look at her work, it seems to touch your inside and you can listen to your


heartbeat. Surrounded by pure white, the work is so subtle and complex, like they are


breathing,  A life-filled work..”  


- Jazko Magazine

Every piece is made carefully by intricate handcraft techniques that reveal traces of maker's hands. 


Deborah loves to consult with couples to create unique and highly personalised bridal jewellery that expresses their character and captures the meaning behind the special day. 



The Beneath collection subverts the tradition of colourful gemstones in fine jewellery by a subtle reimagining of pieces in white porcelain.